Permeable Paving Installation & How it Works

The Prep

All paving applications rely heavily on having a solid foundation.   Without a sturdy base, paving is destined to fail.  Prepping the sub-base before installation is a key to the success of the project. 

Creating Storage

Locally sourced aggregates (#57 Stone) are highly recommended to create storage under the surface of Permeable Paving.  Not only does the aggregate provide strength and stability, but it creates a void to which stormwater is stored.  During the design process it is essential to allocate enough storage under the surface to meet city regulations and mitigate stormwater runoff.

Permeable Pavers

Made of 100% Post Consumer recycled plastic, TRUEGRID’s pavers are a truly best in class.  It’s interlocking connection design allows for speedy installation and years of enjoyment.  The pavers can be custom fit to any space and can support the heaviest of loads.  As a100% pervious drive on surface TRUEGRID is a great fit for any project.

Custom Infills

Infilling the grid system not only adds integrity to the application, it finishes the area to match whichever style your looking for.  Filling the pavers with a hard angular stone creates a locking mechanism to eliminate migration of aggregate and adds a clean finish to every project.  With TRUEGRID, there is nearly zero maintenance needed, due to its unique design.  It eliminates washouts and potholes which means there are few times if any to add additional aggregate to your finished project.

How it Works